What things are covered in QmeLocal support ?

In brief, we are responsible for the features that are advertised in the theme. So we will do the following: – Solve bugs if there is any (bug means if any feature is not working as it should) – If you have any question we will answer it – After your installation if you face

What support does Qme provide for community portals?

When you hire us, we work with your community to develop the entire solution for your community.  Qme does all of the “behind the scenes” work for each portal and all the support for each community portal will come from Qme.  This includes the build design, management, implementation, connection of resources, and deployment of the

What is the difference between QmeLocal and a community portal?

  Community portals are powered by QmeLocal.  A good analogy is to think of QmeLocal as the foundation or central hub that connects all community portals to itself and to each other – QmeLocal “powers the rails” for all community portals within the QmeLocal ecosystem.  When you access a community portal, you are accessing a

Why community stakeholders need a community portal?

Our desire is to work with community stakeholders that are prepared to make a commitment to support their community through the community portal and the programs that Qme incorporates into the community portal.  Community stakeholders will be required to sign documents that underscore their commitment, of which will include, but not be limited to, the

How do I get QmeLocal for my community?

Engage us by reaching out to us through our contact information and we will work with your community stakeholders to create a community portal that is customized for your target community.