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Elevate Dayton calling for stories about experiences with coronavirus, unemployment and police brutality protests

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Elevate Dayton is calling for any stories you want to tell the Dayton community. We particularly want to tell stories about how the Dayton community has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, unemployment and police brutality protests.


By the state’s measures, Montgomery County has endured 874 cases of COVID-19 and 17 deaths at publication of this article. Since April, unemployment in Montgomery County is about 16%. Community tensions have been high while peacefully protesting police brutality, although there have been arrests and some of those arrests have been of community leaders.


What has your experience as an individual, your nonprofit or business been like during these trying times? What positives and negatives have you been through? We’re here to help you tell your story and disseminate it to the Dayton community.

Email [email protected] to start telling your story.


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User Reviews

Nate Dillard

4 years ago

Elevate Dayton writes amazing stories about the Dayton Multicultural Community. They're making such a HUGE difference in Dayton.

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